The ETM® System's
Secure Convergence Solution

The emergence of VoIP technologies has increased the complexity of an already complicated telecommunications environment. As IP Telephony becomes a "business critical application", reaching a critical mass of adoption and maturity, it will inevitably become a favorite target for hackers who will inflict a level of damage and disruption of VoIP services more staggering than we can imagine today. Despite this imminent threat, all VoIP vendors have largely ignored an ever-increasing set of glaring security needs for VoIP networking products in their current rush to market.

Due to the critical nature of voice communications availability, coupled with large investments in existing and long-lived TDM legacy infrastructure, most organizations deploying VoIP will do so as part of a controlled and monitored migration strategy. Most enterprise voice environments will contain a combination of circuit-switched and packet voice infrastructure for many years to come - perhaps always. Accordingly, today's voice security and management systems must be intelligent and scalable enough to protect and manage both circuit-switched and packet voice as part of one integrated system.

The ETM® System is built as a secure convergence solution for any enterprise migrating to VoIP or IP-Telephony. Current applications provide first-of-kind technologies to secure and manage legacy voice infrastructure. However, the ETM System will soon host an IP-Telephony Firewall, enabling an integrated voice security system that logs and protects both legacy and packet voice.

But before you even begin your VoIP migration, the ETM System will help you plan, scale and optimize the roll-out of VoIP resources by characterizing and quantifying current traffic and utilization on your existing legacy infrastructure. Future enhancements will support reporting on network usage and utilization across both your circuit-switched and packet voice networks so you can tune and optimize your migration every step of the way.

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Bottom Line

The ETM® System will secure today's legacy, circuit-switched voice network while saving more money on your legacy services than it costs to deploy. Then when you are ready for some VoIP, it will secure your new packet voice while providing substantial savings on your VoIP migration.

No matter how complex your telecom network becomes, we will help you secure and manage all of your telecom resources, whether 100% circuit-switched, 100% VoIP, or anywhere in between.

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